Thanks for the great service. Your products have been helping immensely with my arthritis pain. The magic stick is awesome and give a big hell ya to whoever grew mob boss. Great products, Great Service 👍🏻

Lucas Perry

Just got my third order of different hashes with some gummies included this time for the missus. Top notch service with top notch products . Delivery in three days and hash that takes me back to the 70s in both taste and quality. Im like a kid in a candy store and I will be back for sure. Thanks 420weedshop.

Felix Weld

Been ordering from 420weedshop for a few months and have zero regrets. Top notch prices, you get what you pay for and then some with a gift every time. I highly recommend ordering from here. The process is easy and the delivery is quite fast. Thank you for your service, I’m glad I can count on 420weedshop to do things right

Stefanie Rashford

420weedshop is the answer! What ever the question, here is the answer. I’ve bought from the “other” dispensaries and will never again. All you get is over priced dried up dust. I have been nothing but satisfied with all the strains I have ordered, which have been many, not to mention the delivery, awesome. Takes all the hassle out of smoking. Great job 420weedshop keep it u

John Collins

Totally agree with the heavy body couch lock feeling and not being able to use your limbs. I felt like jelly most of the time. I could barely move or even

Charlotte Cook
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